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African-AmericanNorthern dancers of Ghana

Nkonsonkonso (link or chain). We are linked in both life and death.Those who share common blood relations never break apart. Symbol of human relations.
Dual citizenship on the mother continent should be a reality for African Americans. This page will detail the current debate concerning dual citizenship for African Americans in Ghana, West Africa.

The Flag of Ghana: Red for those who died; Gold for the wealth; Green for the land; and a Black star for freedom.

Ghana's Coat of Arms

Nsoroma (a child of the heavens). Obu Nyankon soroma te Nyame na onte neho so (A child of the Supremem Being I do not depend on myself. My illumination is only a reflection of His.).
What is dual citizenship?

      Dual citizenship is an opportunity for one person to be a citizen of two countries at the same time. Dual citizenship is often automatically offered to the children of inter-national heritage and to children who are born abroad even though their parents are natives with citizenship in a different country.